Project General Assembly

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 09:00 - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 15:00

Venue: EMAG, Katowice, Poland


ValueSec Project

General information of the project

There is today a gradual shift to the adoption of the most cost-efficient solutions and advanced technologies, which allow governments and other public authorities to achieve more benefits for less expenditure, but this emphasis on cost-benefit analysis will increase in the future. Even though the impact of e.g. counter-terrorism measures on society is very significant, current assessment methods have failed to model the social, political and ethical costs of e.g. anti-terror measures and integrate them into standard assessments. This project will work exactly in the area of very often conflicting interests between the public decision maker, the technology providers, and the impact on citizens.

The VALUESEC project aims at correcting this weakness by providing public authorities with a decision support tool-set to analyze different aspects decision process and make decisions based on sound economic analysis.

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  • Executive Summary

    The overall goal of ValueSec project is to develop a tool-set to support policy decision-makers in balancing decisions with overall policy objectives, political and ethical values and social concerns.

  • Executive Summary

    This deliverable contains a framework for the description and evaluation of theories, methods and tools (TMT), as well as instructions on how to complete it. As every project partner is involved in the screening of TMTs, the framework serves as a guideline to standardize the output of this screening.

    The framework is subdivided in three parts,

    a) A descriptive part for theories, methods and tools.

    b) An evaluation part containing 4 different “contexts”, methods and tools are evaluated against.

  • Executive Summary

    This deliverable is a collected effort of the consortium. All project partners screened theories, methods and tools (TMTs) relevant to the ValueSec project. The screening process was guided by Deliverable 3.1, the Assessment Framework. A catalogue of 30 TMTs is the output of this screening process.

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