Project General Assembly

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 09:00 - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 15:00

Venue: EMAG, Katowice, Poland


ValueSec Project

General information of the project

There is today a gradual shift to the adoption of the most cost-efficient solutions and advanced technologies, which allow governments and other public authorities to achieve more benefits for less expenditure, but this emphasis on cost-benefit analysis will increase in the future. Even though the impact of e.g. counter-terrorism measures on society is very significant, current assessment methods have failed to model the social, political and ethical costs of e.g. anti-terror measures and integrate them into standard assessments. This project will work exactly in the area of very often conflicting interests between the public decision maker, the technology providers, and the impact on citizens.

The VALUESEC project aims at correcting this weakness by providing public authorities with a decision support tool-set to analyze different aspects decision process and make decisions based on sound economic analysis.

Recent changes in the web

  • Different use cases have been selected and defined for the purpose of covering a wide spectrum of possible security domains and security measures. This will allow demonstrating the capabilities and performance of the Decision Support tools developed in ValueSec to a wide range of applications and customer needs.

  • OSMOSIS LogotypeOsmosis

    OSMOSIS is a web portal that offers to all the organizations operating in the Security sector support in being involved in RTD projects at European level, through networking and partnering opportunities, as well as getting useful information and tools to enhance the active participation in research programmes.


  • Here are all the documents produced, available for download and organized into the following groups:
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