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Consortium (people)

IFF Fraunhofer Logotype

The IFF extensive knowledge in FP7 research projects in general and in security related projects. It has been partner in the projects MEDSI, STRAW and FluSs. It has also been a major partner in the “Fassbinder” project, dealing with the economic analysis of return on research investment.
As part of Europe’s biggest applied research provider, the FhG/IFF has a long history in managing research projects in various EU programs.

VTT Logotype

The VTT Risk and reliability management knowledge centre has extensive experience in the risk, safety and security management. Techno-economic risk management is the core competence of the knowledge centre. The applications cover cost/benefit and MCDA assessments, life cycle costing and investment portfolio risk management, and value creation processes of maintenance and security services.

CESS Logotype

CESS provides strategic, operational and technical security and risk management expertise. It has competences in security and defense consulting, decisions support systems, analytical methods and tools, modelling and simulation
CESS has a highly experienced team of security experts and a Europe-wide network of partners, working on relevant topics regarding security and risk. Its experience in security research also stems from participation in various international projects.

PRIO logotype

PRIO’s Security Programme has expertise in assessing the value dimensions of security systems and policies. The Peace Research Institute of Oslo has furthermore broad experience in managing large international research projects. It hosts, for example, the Centre for the Study of Civil War (CSCW), with a total budget of approximately €15 million.

Universitetet i Stavanger logo

The UIS’ Centre for risk management and societal safety, SEROS, is a multidisciplinary research center with close links to policymakers. Its research focuses on the theoretical and methodological premises for safety, security and welfare. As a national reference point for risk and security related research, its competences in the field of risk and security analysis are internationally recognized.

Atos Origin logotype

Atos has extensive experience in security related projects, see STRAW for the latest. It was further lead partner in the FASSBINDER project, developing a Return on Research Investment approach. Additionally Atos has an extensive list of contacts in business and security environment as well as on the policy level.

EMAG logotype

EMAG’s R&D competences in information society issues, especially in ICT security and safety, ontology-based information systems for public administration (e-government) make it an ideal partner for VALUESEC. Its experience in developing computer-aided tools to support information security management, business continuity, security policy development further contribute to achieve the project’s objectives.

WCK logotype

WCK is a successful software provider in the field of risk management. Its competences in modeling risk analysis models for a diverse customer base will be highly beneficial for the project.

Policia Local de Valencia logotype

The Valencia Local Police has extensive experience in various EC funding programs and has a history of adopting high-end research results and integrating them into the current police management system.
VPD has to oversee a large scope of security relevant events, from which the annual Formula 1 Gran Prix is one of the most visible.