VALUESEC overall goal of this project is to develop a tool-set to support policy decision makers in balancing decisions with overall policy objectives, political and ethical values, and societal concerns. The project will develop the means to make more transparent and systematic assessments of the wide array of costs involved in security decisions and the field of possible and expected benefits linked to them. It will thus lead to more appropriate and effective decisions.

The underlying objectives will be:

  • Objective 1:      To stake off the field of security economics, the field of applicability of cost-benefit-tools and their links to societal issues relevant to security. For that, explicit costs and benefits will have to be estimated related to security decisions, i.e. costs and benefits of measures for averting or mitigating security events, and societal costs
  • Objective 2:      To provide a tool-set for the analysis of cost, benefits and drawbacks of security measures, based on explicit requirements of the end-users and society, on existing methodological components and enhanced by innovative solutions
  • Objective 3:      To test and validate the developed tool-set in realistic use cases, and regarding possible impacts of economic stagnation
  • Objective 4:      To evaluate the results from the different perspectives of decision makers in security, from the policy, economic and societal point of view, and
  • Objective 5:      To measure the research challenges and progress and to give recommendation for further R&D.