Valuesec Use Cases

Different use cases have been selected and defined for the purpose of covering a wide spectrum of possible security domains and security measures. This will allow demonstrating the capabilities and performance of the Decision Support tools developed in ValueSec to a wide range of applications and customer needs.

Five cases have been defined so far:

  1. A large mass event, a formula one race which may be subject of a terror attack to the grandstand of visitors. Countermeasures like improved visitor surveillance and screening will have to be planned and implemented by the city’s decision makers.
  2. In mass transportation, a major depot may be subject to sabotage, addressing dangerous goods or valuable freight. Protection measures will include advanced CCTV coverage and improved command and control.
  3. The air transportation scenario will simulate a major European airport hub, and the benefits it may gain from advanced scanning technologies and an efficient organization behind.
  4. A flood prone area will be modeled for investigating protective measures of local communities. The effects may reach from direct damage reduction to environmental impact to increase attraction of tourism and other businesses.
  5. In the Cyber case we will show the effects of setting new international standards in partitioning, certification and monitoring and supervising. Scenario environment will be a modern energy grid and their SCADA systems.

In all cases, the ValueSec project will show how the developed tools can contribute to improving the planning process and decisions, evaluating alternatives and optimizing the security benefits which should be gained by the investments into the different security measures.