ValueSec Final Conference Brief Summary

On Tuesday, Dec, 10th, ValueSec's final conference "Decision Support for Security Policy. Current research and trends" took place in Brussels. The project was presented to an audience of around 50 people including end-users, private companies and scientific experts. On top of that demos of the 5 use cases were done at the same time in their specific stands:

- Use Case 1: Mass Event - Formula One Race Track, Valencia´s Street Circuit: Improved surveillance and detection systems

- Use Case 2: Public Transportation - Train Infrastructure Improved Intrusion Detection and Damage Prevention for Passenger Trains in a Depot

- Use Case 3: Aviation - Airport Security New generation Liquid Aerosol Gel (LAG) Scanners

- Use Case 4: Communal Security - Flood Protection Improvement of infrastructure and water management

- Use Case 5: Cyber Security Smart Grid attack Improving Security of Energy Smart Grids from Targeted Viruses Attacks

Some other UE co-funded projects were invited to the event perform a brief presentation such as Seconomics, Dessi and Nessos. The audience found the project really interesting and some of them shown their interest for further usage once the project has ended. Last but not least we had a presentation of the Security Research in H2020 which was done by a DG ENTR representative, and she indicated that a project like ValueSec would really fit in the H2020.

Attendees including important stakeholders shown great interest in the projects, its potential usage in their businesses and really liked the chance of interacting with the live demos.