Use Case Validation Workshop

Date: June 26, 2013

Venue: Munich, Germany 

On June 26, 2013 the ValueSec consortium welcomed 27 external stakeholders to its second stakeholder workshop in Munich, Germany.

The aim of the workshop was the in-depth presentation of the ValueSec toolset to the relevant stakeholders. Using the project’s flagship use case for the assessment of security measures to safeguard the Formula 1 racing event in Valencia, Spain, stakeholders were provided with knowledge on how the three individual pillars of the ValueSec toolset function and how they can be used in the context of assessing security measures in a security policy environment, and how they can be used as decision support tools. Intensive discussions took place, and the broad feedback from the stakeholders will form the main basis of functional and usability improvements of the ValueSec toolset during the remaining phase of the project.

The event started with an introductory session which was designed to provide participants with

•A detailed overview of the concept and objectives of the ValueSec project

•Its approaches to validation efforts in use cases in general.

•A detailed presentation of the background for the Formula One use case3

•A presentation of the concept for the workshop.

The workshop went on with three separate, parallel sessions, which dealt with the three main pillars of the ValueSec toolset i.e: Risk Reduction Assessment, Cost Benefit Assessment and Qualitative Criteria Assessment. In each session the predefined measures for ValueSec’s Formula One use case were used to explain how the individual tools work and how results are generated.

Coming back together from the individual sessions, the consortium showed a short video of the ValueSec consortium’s visit to the Formula One Circuit in 2012, which was covered by Valencia local TV. The session continued with presentations of:

•A perspective on an overall assessment approach

•Remarks on decision-making on complex issues and the acceptability of the ValueSec approach

•Reports of the session rapporteurs on the discussion and results from the individual sessions.

The workshop concluded with a discussion between the consortium and the stakeholders. It was reiterated by the participants that they have a positive image of the solution presented, even though a complete picture was not shown during the workshop. The ValueSec toolset and the methodological approach, particularly the attempt to allow for a “holistic” assessment of all aspects of a complex decision and merge them into decision support information, was deemed very innovative and a big step forward in policy decision support.

You may download the handouts and information about the use case that will be provided here:

The document describing this workshop in detail here: