Report on Final Conference available

The report on Final Conference is available in this website.

You may find it at:

ValueSec Final Conference Brief Summary

On Tuesday, Dec, 10th, ValueSec's final conference "Decision Support for Security Policy. Current research and trends" took place in Brussels. The project was presented to an audience of around 50 people including end-users, private companies and scientific experts.

ValueSec Final Conference

Date: December 10, 2013 

Venue: Brussels, Belgium 

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If you want to know more about our last Use Case Validation Workshop, please read the following section:

Welcome and Use Cases posters available here:

Valencia’s Formula 1 European Grand Prix Use Case Workshop

Date: November, 14th, 2013  

Venue: Valencia, Spain  

The aim of the workshop is to perform a demo of the ValueSec toolset prototype to the authorities and stakeholders in charge of the security of the Valencian street circuit. Also ATOS´s tool, Riger, supporting the Risk Reduction Assessment of this use case will be shown.

ValueSec in the PACT privacy reference framework and decision support system workshop

Date:October, 17-18, 2013 

Venue: Madrid, Spain 

Atos has participated in the PACT privacy reference framework and decision support system workshop. Atos took part actively in the group discussions providing the attendees and overview of the ValueSec approach. As a result of the ongoing collaboration with PACT, also some screenshots of Atos’ Riger tool which is used in ValueSec’s Formula 1 use case, were shown as an example of how a Risk Analysis tool could look like.

Publications and articles section has been updated

All publications and articles related to the project have been included in this section:

ValueSec Presentation updated

ValueSec project presentation has been updated. It is available at the section of Dissemination material.

Direct link to ValueSec Presentation:

Munich Workshop Report available

On June 26, 2013 the ValueSec project conducted its second stakeholder workshop in Munich, Germany. The aim of the workshop was the in-depth presentation of the ValueSec toolset to the relevant stakeholders.

ValueSec will participate in the 8th Future Security Conference

Date: September 17-19, 2013 

Venue: Berlin, Germany  

Conference of the Fraunhofer Group for Defense and Security (Fraunhofer VVS) - "8th Future Security Conference", Berlin, Germany, September 17-19, 2013 (forthcoming)

Workshop of the ChemLog T&T Project during the 18th Magdeburg Logistics Days - Secure and Sustainable Logistics

Date: June 19-20, 2013

Venue: Magdeburg , Germany  

Workshop of the ChemLog T&T Project during the "18. Magdeburger Logistiktage - Sichere und Nachhaltige Logistik" (18th Magdeburg Logistics Days - Secure and Sustainable Logistics) Magdeburg, Germany, June 19-20, 2013 (​

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  • VALUESEC overall goal of this project is to develop a tool-set to support policy decision makers in balancing decisions with overall policy objectives, political and ethical values, and societal concerns. The project will develop the means to make more transparent and systematic assessments of the wide array of costs involved in security decisions and the field of possible and expected benefits linked to them. It will thus lead to more appropriate and effective decisions.

    The underlying objectives will be:

  • Consortium (people)

  • Project: Mastering the Value Function of Security Measures ( VALUESEC )

    Project Coordinator: Christian Blobner, FhG/IFF (DE)

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